Internet Equipment needs to be upgraded. Need Scott to check it out again - install switch? Justin will talk to Scott. Compeitition until then.

update on Projects Justin (with Mikey, Andrea) will install water barrels Monday. Rob cut a bunch of firewood and trimmed back dead blackberry canes. An.d paid extra care to the chickens, scrubbed water container. Andrea & Sammy created beds recreated behind 100, planted garlic, got leaves from neighbor, mulched. Andrea weeded, planted cover crops, talked with WCHA board about website. Daniel cleaned out the coop & carrot thinning. Justin got stuff for the water barrels & internet communications. Mikey spent an hour chopping wood, spray painted the dumpster beautifully (and brought us delicious treats). James set up tote & electrical work. Sara weeded.

Bike Rack - hiatus until December. Sara heading that up - Justin will look at Reuse Warehouse & Surplus store. Fencing?

Lawnmower for repair - Andrea still will take it (before the grass grows).

Rocks - Justin wants to finish the drainage.

Parking Spaces - Daniel & Andrea in late Dec/early Jan or whomever can whenever : cans of yellow spray is in shed in box, plastic line painter thing beside shed. Measure, chalk dot intervals, paint. Folks seemed excited about painting inside the spaces. Washing Machine - pie in the sky?

Outdoor outlets - James

Weatherization Program deadline January - we're going to miss it? Another source? Personally funded? James volunteered to school people if we decide to DIY. (Air sealing: Tyvek suit, head sock, cheap gloves, 1 case great stuff spray foam, head lamp, Dust masks. Insulation: Rent cellulose blower, purchase bags of insulation, build around mechanicals, insulate attic door).

January = Bog Visioning Meeting

Finances: Evan's Situation He will still be around $2k behind with the equity and share. Request to leave. Letter with a talk. December 1st pay everything by, January 31st out date, everything from the common rooms by the January 15th - repairs in the meantime.

December 2nd Search committee: Mikey, Sara & An.d

WCHA Bog Repair Reserve. Justin will represent Bog at WCHA By-laws meeting. November 28th 9am-1pm.

Buying Club Andrea will set it up as Bog. Rotation for pickup & orders. Collaborative Project.

Chickens Fuck Rooster Sympathy. Sara (with An.d) will acquire 3 hens.