Andrea - gardening & main. workdays, Sammy - rain barrels, Sara - haunted house & main. workday, Kim - board & workdays, Jordana - haunted house & main. workday, Daniel -  haunted house & a bit at main. workday, Steven - main. workday, Steph - compost & main. workday, Justin - mulch, haunted house, garden, main. workdays, put windows up for chickens,  Mikey - haunted house, gutters clean, main. workday, Rob - board, main. workday, mulch, garden, Margaret - moved compost, finances, main. workday, Lauren - gardening workday, Tamara- gardening workday, chicken windows, help with rain barrels, haunted house benefit. Melissa - gardening & main. workday.


Sara has volunteered to make a battery run for fire alarms. 1 for 100A, 3 for 100E. Sara will get a bulk pack.

Sammy will call electrician to properly identify and label electrical panels and replace all pointed screws & non-existent with blunt point screws and to check amperage is correct.

Jordana - plumbing inspection to check for plumbing leaks & concerns

Sara - free termite inspection

Another thing on the list from the bank: "Limit access to the attic (at the WCHA meeting, we decided that a latching system from inside the apartment will be the best option)." Daniel & Sammy will collaborate on a simple bolt and wood solution - it's up to you if you want to use it but we all have to have it. 1-2 openings per apartment.

Finish up the rain barrels - Sammy, Andrea, Justin & Rob (and whomever's around).

See Google Drive > Bolin Creek Coop Documents > Building and Grounds - Maintenance and Management > 2013 Building Inspections > Bog Building Inspection 2013.pdf for additional information.

Dumpster/Roll outs

Sara & Kim will get 2 more roll outs from Carrboro Town Hall.

Jordana - looked into getting the dumpster taken away. Jordana is going to try craigslist. use it for firewood otherwise?


Cold - Plastic on the windows = yes, heat lamp = maybe? Sara will make a google doc for chicken sitting for the holidays. Email Sara. Kim & Sammy will be here during Christmas. This week Sara & Daniel will cover Saturday and Kim will cover Sunday.


Mikey will take Rob's place on the board; he does not volunteer to be Treasurer. Rob will see through the signing of the first mortgage.

Fence Need a workday - Dec 15th at 11am, Sara will feed us; also January? Need bamboo, a puller, hinges, posts, more long pallets (3 or 4 more).

Garden A Crop Mob in Spring to open up beds behind 100? Will talk about Spring garden in early February. Distribution of garlic & sweet potatoes.


Sara wants you to email about animal calendar.

NEXT MEETING - Dec 15th at 5:30pm