not in attendance: Darryl, Kerry

1. Andie & James are moving out - earliest June, latest July. They'll give update soon. We'll

need to form a resident selection committee.

2. Chickens

8 of them now, make sure you count them at night.

Reread the email re: what is ok to feed to them. Melissa is making a list and will

post soon.

Sammy is adding 3 more chicks to our coop.

Please keep the back gate shut.

3. Daniel's birthday – is tomorrow! Birthday party is Saturday 5-9, pizza party, all invited.

4. CSA potluck – 3/31 7pm outdoors or at 102 E if weather not permitting.

5. 100 B – Evan's subletters are moving out - Evan will bring next proposed roommate to next


6. Financial updates

102 A – Group consensus to evict in future, no date set. Neal, Rob, and Melissa

to talk to Fannie. Darryl to pay $620 owed for last month.

7. Resident Agreement

committee met and brought proposed guidelines. Send edits for discussion at

next meeting.

Discussion of changing leases from 3 year to 1 year - no decision made at this time.

8. Garden -

James suggested permanent path through garden – all approve, gardeners to decide on location.

Neal and Sammy doing starts, Tamara did medicinal herbs, check the wiki for updates.

9. Next meeting

Sunday April 21 5pm