Justin: mowing, yard work; Neal: woodchips, Garden, Gutters (back of 102 need to be replaced); Eli: weeding, finances; Evan: has volunteered to mow the back of 100; Sara: weeding, excited to do more after graduation as is Daniel. James: OWASA, helped repair coop, edging woodchips, WCHA board as did Rob - little garden work, WCHA financials (treasurer); Andrea: garden; Sammy: garden, helped repair coop, energy workshop;Melissa: weeding, trash on the back path, chicken area cleanup


Melissa has been working on getting her finances in order. She's working with nonprofits/gov't getting emergency aid and looking for a job. Will report outcome to Eli and Mike. They will work on the #s to make sure they are accurate.

102A hasn't paid. Rob had short conversation with Fannie. No move-out date had been decided. Daniel will talk with them around May 15th. June 30th move out date. Letter will be written & delivered.

Kerry's apartment has leak. James will call Hunter Landon the PLUMBER 919-880-2520.


Sara, Justin, Mikey, Tamara, Neal, Sammy, Andrea


Amendments as read and revised are approved.

DISCUSSION with Michelle from HRC on whether the Bog is a good fit as roommate for Evan.

Melissa will contact Kerry and get more details.

NEXT MEETING: Sunday May 19th 5pm 102D