Coo-op TasksEdit


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Stephanie & Steven

Melissa & Laurin Justin & Tamara Kim, Maya & Sky


Angus & Nancy James & Kerry

Monthly Deep Cleaning of Coop

2014 Oct: Laurin    Nov: Sara & Daniel     Dec: Melissa

2015 Jan: Mike (and James?)   Feb: Steph and Steven     March: Angus & Nancy    April: Rob & Andrea    May: Justin & Tam    June: Melissa     July: Justin & Tam    Aug: Sara & Daniel     Sept: Steph & Steven     Oct: Laurin    Nov: James

Daily CareEdit

  • Let chickens out as close to sunrise as possible.
  • Make sure door is propped open wide and won't lock hens in/out if windy.
  • Check water level and cleanliness. Refill and/or clean with dishsoap and sponge if needed.
  • Check nest boxes for cleanliness (and eggs!). Remove feces, refresh pine shavings as needed.
  • Check feeder. Make sure there is 2-3 days (1/8 full) worth of food in feeder and that food bin lids are shut tight. Check general food amount and purchase layer pellets if it needs to be purchased.
  • Refresh pine in coop- sprinkle fresh layer of shavings or shovel out bedding into compost and replace pine shavings as needed.
  • Secure hens in coop as close to sunset as possible. Count 8 chickens. There is 1 white hens, 1 red hen, 1 orphington, 1 unknown breed and 2 americanas (broodie & chipmunk), 1 black. Call/text&confirm that someone can do this important task if you are unable to make it home by dark.


  • "Layer" feed can be purchase at Southern States or 5th Season (local,organic,soy-free, 50lb bags).
  • If choice, buy pellets, not crumbles
  • Supplemental foods: weeds (esp. chickweed, clover, henbit), seeds, veggies, melons, cooked grains, gut-loaded crickets or mealworms!!!, corn-scratch during colder months
  • Avoid: onions/leeks/garlic, processed foods, sweets, eggs, fatty meat, uncooked grains, food cooked in fat/sauce/spices
  • More specifically.....
  • Supplements: grit (aids in digestion), oyster shell (aids digestion, supplemental calcium)


  • Fence repair as needed
  • Label bins
  • Sprinkle diatomaceous earth in coop and lightly on nest boxes
  • Clean poop off of things, remove clutter
  • Add dead logs to run for enrichment
  • Replace/add new perches in coop (appropriately sized to feet)
  • No hay/straw/grass as coop bedding; the holes in this substrate harbour mites