Ongoing (or until complete):

  • Mow and weedeat the grassy parts. Get gas and arrange to fix mower as needed. Empty grass clippings into chicken run, compost or on top of the poison ivy.
  • General cleanup/tidying of common areas. Empty recycling & garbage.
  • Organize around and within shed. Paint the unpainted outside sides of the shed.
  • Gardening Tasks (see Garden page).
  • Spread wood chips in eroded areas, around trees, in chicken pen, smoothering poison ivy and thick on paths.
  • Clean chicken coop and/or layer in more pine shavings.
  • Fix rain water catchments. The one between 100D & E really needs to be set up. One of the extra gray catchments could be placed in the back corner of 100 in the chicken coop for setting up an automatic watering station?
  • Clean down spouts and gutters. Use a-frame ladders only as the gutters are easily damaged over time by leaning ladders.
  • Fix broken things.
  • Split and stack firewood.
  • Washer/laundry hook-up? Cheap/Free Bike Rack design? Fundraiser?
  • See Documents > Buildings & Grounds for the 2013 Building Inspection.

the Bog LogEdit

See minutes... want to log deficits here instead?
Date/month Who What Hours
August '12 Andi clip chicken's wings, weed garden 3
8/13/12 Andrea, Andee Bog wiki development 3
August '12 James tool racks hung, weeding, fixed AC, removed junk